Rose Day Wishes Quotes for Lovers | Best Rose Day Messages in English

Updated: Jan 22, 2021 10:51 PM

Rose Day Wishes Quotes for Lovers | Best Rose Day Messages in English-

Roses Are The Best Way To Express Love,
And Define A Relationship,
I Have Selected The Red One For You.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

Bunch Of Rose I Am Sending You,
Yellow To Show Our Happiness,
White To Show Our Purity,
Black To Show Our Darkest Secrets,
And Red To Show Our Love.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

You Came In My Life,
With The Fragrance Of Happiness,
You Are As Beautiful As A Rose.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

Best Rose Day SMS in English-

Love Flows Like Flowers,
And Grows Like Water,
I’m So Thirsty For Romance,
I Could Drink A Dozen Roses.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

A Bunch Of Red Roses Signifies Deep Love,
And Respect For You My Love.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

In The Flower My Rose Is You,
In The Diamond My Kohinoor Is You,
In The Sky My Moon Is You,
I Am Only Body My Heart Is You,
That’s Why I Always Miss You.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

Send A Red Rose Which Defines Our Beautiful Relation.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

Rose Day Wishes Quotes for Lovers-

I Looked At A Sweet Beautiful Rose,
And Then I Looked At You,
and I Kept Looking At You,
For The Rose Isn’t As Beautiful As You.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

Love Is In The Air,
So Gift Your Lovers A Rose,
And Tell Them That You Really Love Them.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

A Single Rose For You For Being In My Life,
Thank You So Much To Complete My Life.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

A Wonderful Girl Like You,
Deserves An Awesome Gift,
So, On This Rose Day I Am Gifting You,
A Beautiful Bunch Of Red Roses.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

Best Rose Day Messages in English-

Sending A Bunch Of Lovely Roses,
To The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

I Am Sending Red Roses To My Love,
Just To Let You Know,
What You Are As Precious To Me,
As Flowers Are To Bees.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

Red Roses Are The Symbol Of Intense Love,
And So On This Rose Day,
I’m Giving You A Big Bouquet Of Love.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

You Are The Only Rose Of My Garden,
And The Single Friend Of My Life,
Madly In Love With You.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

Rose Day Wishes Quotes for Lovers in English-

To Me Your Love Is The Sweet Fragrance Of Rose,
That Reminds Me Always Of You.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

Your Love Is Like The Fragrance Of Roses,
It Refreshes Me When I Am Feeling Weary,
It Comforts Me When I Am Hurt,
It Cheers Me Up When I Am Sad,
Roses For You And Lost Of Love Too.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

Many Beautiful Flowers In The World,
But My Flower Is You,
You Are Most Beautiful Than Others,
I Love You My Lovely Rose.
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

I Have Sent These Lovely Bunch Of Red Roses,
To Convey "Will You Marry Me".
🌹🌹Happy Rose Day🌹🌹

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