Happy Hug Day Wishes Quotes in English | Best Hug Day Messages for Facebook, WhatsApp

Updated: Jan 27, 2021 10:30 PM

Happy Hug Day Wishes Quotes in English | Best Hug Day Messages for Facebook, WhatsApp-

A Loose Hug Says,
🤗🤗🤗ITS OK,
A Normal Hug Says,
A Tight Hug Says,
More Than Tight Hug Says,
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

I Wish You Were Closer,
So I Could Hug You Forever.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

You Can’t Wrap Love In A Box,
But You Can Wrap A Person In A Hug,
A Hug Charms, Warms And,
Makes Everyone Happy,
That Must Be Why God Gave Us Arms,
So Here Is A Hug For You.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

Hug Day Quotes for Husband-Wife:

If A Hug Represents,
How Much I Love You,
I'll Hold You In My Arms Forever.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

Though We May Be Far Apart Right Now,
But Here’s A Big Hug And Kiss For You,
To Let You Know How Special You Are.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

Sending You A Hug,
To Ease Your Stress,
A Kiss To Make You Smile,
And My Heart To Say,
I’m Thinking Of You,
I Miss You.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

Hug Is The Loving Gift,
That Costs No Money,
And Can Be Distributed For Free,
To Make The Love Grow.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

Happy Hug Day Wishes Quotes in English-

Let Me Live And Die In Your Arms,
Just Like This, Let Me Continue To Love You,
Let Me Live And Die In Your Arms.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

What The Heart Gives,
Away Is Never Gone,
But Kept In The Hearts Of Others,
From Dusk To Dawn,
Hug Day You From The Core Of My Heart.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

You Can't Hug Yourself,
You Can't Cry On You Own Shoulder,
LIFE Is All about Living For One-Another,
So Live With Those Who LOVE You Most.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

No Matter Where You Are?
I’ll Always Find My Way To?
Hug You Tight And Shower You,
With My Kisses,
I Love Only For You.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

Hug Day Wishes for Girlfriend-Boyfriend:

A Hug Is A Handshake From The Heart,
So Always Remain Close To My Heart,
And Best Wishes On This Hug Day.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

Sweet Heart,
When You Hug Me,
I Want To Melt In Your Arms,
And Stay There Forever.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

It’s Hug Day,
But You Are So Adorable,
What You Are Worth A Hug Today,
And Every Single Day.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

Hi SweetHeart,
I'm Sending A Big Hug,
From Heart To Heart,
And Soul To Soul For You,
To Make You Feel Happy All The Day.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

Happy Hug Day Message for Facebook, WhatsApp-

Your Hug Is A Perfect Gift For Me,
So I Need It Today A Little Tighter,
Then All The Days.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

A Sweet Hug Represents,
Love And Affection To The Person We Hug,
I Want To Hug You, My Dear,
As I Want To Let You Know,
How Much I Love And Care You.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

My Arms Are Crazy,
My Arms Are Naughty,
My Arms Are Empty,
Come On Honey,
Hugg Me Forever In Your Arms.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

Happy Hug Day Wishes Quotes in English-

Whenever You Are Not Feeling Well,
Without Any Reason Go And Hug,
The Special One In Your Life Because,
Sometimes You Don't Need Medicines,
You Just Need The Magic Touch.
🤗🤗Happy Hug Day🤗🤗

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