Best Happy Dhanteras Wishes in English

Updated: Sep 8, 2020 11:59 PM

Best Happy Dhanteras Wishes in English-

May This Dhanteras Shower You,
With Wealth And Prosperity As You,
Journey Towards Greater Sucess.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

May Your Business Always Flourish,
And You Defeat All Evils In Life.
May Goddess Lakshmi And Lord Kuber,
Always Keep You In Their List Of Blessed Ones.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

Sun Glows For A Day,
Candle For An Hour,
Matchstick For A Minute,
But A Wish Can Glow Days Forever.
So Here Is My Wish For Glowing Dhanteras, Glowing Life.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

Happy Dhanteras Quotes in English-

May Divine Blessings Of Goddess Lakshmi,
Bestow On Your Bountiful Fortune.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

On Dhanteras Occasion You Will Get Success, Wealth, And Prosperity.
💰🪔Heartly Wishes Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

May On This Dhanteras Goddess Lakshmi Bless You,
With Happiness Good Health And Wealth.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

Dhanteras Quotes in English-

Diyas Glow For Hours,
Sun Glows For A Day,
But My Wishes For You Are Going To Glow Forever.
💰🪔Have A Happy And Blessed Dhanteras!🪔💰

May Goddess Laxmi Bless Your Business To Do Well In Spite Of All Odds Like The Enduring Charms Of Gold And Diamonds.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

May You Also Draw Small Footprints,
With Rice Flour And Vermilion Powder,
All Over The House And Keep The Lamps,
Burning All Through The Night,
To Indicate Her Long-Awaited Arrival.
💰🪔Wish You Happy Dhanteras To You & Your Family 🙂🪔💰

May God Kuber Will Fulfill Your All Wishes.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

Happy Dhanteras Best Wishes-

On This Auspicious Festival,
May Your Life Shimmer With Silver,
Shine With Gold & Dazzle Like Diamond.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

I Wish,
D = Dazzling,
H = Handsome,
A = Abundant,
N = Numerous,
T = Tremendous,
E =Enormous,
R =Royal,
A =Awesome,
S =Substantial,
Wealth And Riches For You During These Dhanteras.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

Clean Your Homes,
Decorate With Candles,
Make Rangolis And Light Up Diyas,
As Goddess Lakshmi Is About To Come.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

Best Happy Dhanteras Wishes in English-

May Lakshmi- The Goddess Of Wealth Fills Your Home,
With Worldly Treasures And Ushers Prosperity,
In Your Life At All Times.
💰🪔Have A Blessed Dhanteras!🪔💰

May Goddess Lakshmi Bless You,
With Peace Happiness And Prosperity.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

May This Year And The Years To Come Bring Lots Of Luck,
Money And Prosperity To You And Your Family.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

May This Dhanters Light Up New Dreams,
Fresh Hopes, Undiscovered Avenues,
Different Perspectives, Everything Bright,
And Beautiful And Fill Your Days,
With Pleasant Surprises And Moments.
💰🪔Happy Dhanteras!🪔💰

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