Best Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes for Brother in English

Updated: Nov 12, 2023 09:26 PM

Best Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes for Brother in English-

Bhai Dooj Is Auspicious Festival,
Sons Blessings Thousand For Brothers,
This Precious Relationship Of Siblings Is Very Unbreakable,
May This Bond Always Remain Strong.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Dear Brother,
On This Bhai Dooj, I Wish To Say,
What You Are The Best Brother,
And You Mean The Whole World To Me.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

My Brother Is My Best Friend,
You Stand By Me When I Am Alone,
You Make Feel Happy When I Am Low,
Thanks For Being For Me Always Dear Brother.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Bhai Dooj Quotes for Brother in English-

Lucky To Have A Brother As Nice And Wonderful As You,
Wishing You Lots Of Happiness, Success, And Good Health.
🍬👫Best Wishes On Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

She Is Lucky Sister On Whose Head Is The Brother's Hand,
He Is In Every Trouble Fighting And Quarreling Then Celebrating With Love,
That's Why There Is So Much Love In This Relationship.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

For Always Being On My Side,
For Your Protection And Support,
For Sharing My Dreams,
I Do Thank You, My Brother.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes for Brother in English-

You Can Share Your Pain,
You Can Share Your Fears,
And You Can Share Your Happiness,
Thanks For Being a Very Understanding Brother.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

There's No Other Love Like The Love For A Brother.
There's No Other Love Like The Love From A Brother.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Praying For Your Long Life,
And Good Health On This Bhai Dooj,
Have a Chocolaty Bhai Dooj.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Bhai Dooj SMS for Brother-

My Dear Brother,
Thanks For Spreading Smiles Everywhere,
And Making Life So Beautiful, Meaningful And Happy.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Brothers Are Like Street Lights Along The Road,
They Don’t Make Distance Any Shorter,
But They Light Up The Path,
And Make The Walk Worthwhile.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Dear Brother While Putting Tikka,
I Pray To God For Your Peace Happiness And Prosperity,
A Warm And Loving Person Like You Deserves The Best Of Life.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes for Brother in English-

You Were Always My Best Friend,
Looking Out For Me Making Sure,
The Path I Travelled On Was Smooth,
Even If I Searched The World Over,
There Cannot Be A Better Brother Than You.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Only A Brother Can Love,
Like A Father,
Annoy Like A Sister,
Care Like A Mother,
Support Like A Friend,
Love You Brother,
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Sister Puts Tilak,
Then Feeds Her Sweets,
Brother Gives Money,
And Sister Is Smiling Never Lose,
This Relationship of Siblings.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

Bhai Dooj Message for Brother in English-

Bhai Dooj Is A Festival,
Sister Asks For Money From Brother,
Feeding Tilak With Sweets,
Blessings Every Time.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

My Love For You Is Measureless,
My Blessings To You Are Unlimited,
Dear Brother You Will Always Be,
My Friend, A Guide, And A Hero.
🍬👫Happy Bhai Dooj!👫🍬

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